Welcome to your new campaign!

The plan is 4th Edition, I have access to the online character builder if needed.
Characters starting level is one.

After that, take a look at the wiki.
This will be filled with information that your characters know, people of interest/characters you have met as well as events and a log of what your characters have accomplished.

The campaigns title will change based on what adventure we will be following.

Currently allowing Essentials Characters, which are from the following source books: Heroes of The Fallen Lands, Heroes of The Forgotten Kingdoms, Heroes of Shadow, Heroes of The Feywild, and Heroes of The Elemental Chaos.

I own all of said books and can be used to make characters if need be. Character sheets if needed will have to be printed on site.

We will start with that and add on more if needed (Fate Cards, house rules etc.)

Please feel free to take a look at the wiki for past events!

The Slaying Stone

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