The Slaying Stone

To Slay a Slaying Stone
A riddle surely

It started with a call for help, from a Wil Wheat from the Broken Cart Adventuring Company from the town of Fallcrest.

Before arriving to Fallcrest one of our heroes Jakus had a strange dream, one in which he met a merchant Traevus and defended him from goblins, but a box was missing from his wares. Jakus in the attempt to get it back bravely fought the goblins but realized he would need help. After clearing the caves entrance he met a strange man, dressed as a merchant, who said, Strange, I thought that Silinde Linwelen had already did that. After talking to him for a time the strange merchant removed his hat and revealed who he was.

Waking up with his companions Cabe, Nyx. Reverance, and Zumot they made it into Fallcrest, going to it’s sole tavern the Plot Point Tavern, owned by Silende, and operated by Ran Lancet. There they met a strange merchant named John who was curious to know the state of Kiris Dahn. After agreeing to pay up front and naming a contact Treona our party heads off to Kiris Dahn.

On the way to Kiris Dahn they encounter some starving wolves which they manage to defeat before entering the tower of Treona who wishes for them to destory the slaying stone.

A Stranger Returns
Who is this mysterious man?

Karl, Kya, and Tch Tik set off to explore what was causing trouble near the town of Fallcrest. Apparently fae creatures were seen, raiding and disturbing caravan lanes… preventing passage of goods from the east and the lands of the Shore. Waiting for the rest of their company, who had gone to Winterhaven to investigate Gardmore Abbey, was not an option as their business interests at the Plot Point Tavern were being affected.

Setting out and following the trail of attacks they managed to find an open portal… but they felt as if someone was following them. They waited… to see if they could hide and see this person that was following them…

A merchant… one who looked in fine gear and dress but yet.. had no goods or guards with him..

“Dave!” He yelled… “I saw you come this way, where are you?”

“I saw you at the Tavern..”

Kya steps out from her hiding place while both Karl and Tch Tik sneaked to the sides.

“Who are you?” Kya asks.

“A friend, please let me explain… something has gone horribly wrong…. I… I made an error..”

“Wrong? You mean the fae?” Kya still trying to keep the focus on her.

“No.. the fae… symptom or at least it feels like it… energy is different… can’t you feel it?” The merchant responds back.

“Right… energy.” Kya says confused by the merchants words. “How do you know Dave then?”

“Oh Dave and me go way back, we explored Undermountain together… I recognized him at the Tavern but something seemed off. I can’t place it.”

At that Karl broke cover, “There is no Dave here..” he states in a thick accent…

“Oh no… it’s… worse than I thought.. things are weaving in way they aren’t supposed to.. but I can’t see were it’s as if…” and then with a realization…

“There is no time quickly please, you must trust me and follow me to my temporary Sanctum… I.. we can see things better there maybe do something to prevent this.. all of this from happening.”

“Who are you?” Kya and Karl ask…

“I’m sorry,” he takes of his hat, his features changing, “I am……..”

Madness of Gardmore Abbey
The beginning

Simon Dilisnya and He Who Walks In Shadows are at Gardmore Abbey, fire of battle rage around them.. seem a humanoid force is attacking the same time they are trying to find a piece of a legendary set of items, one once held by Arak, erlking. Apparently a paladin of Bahamut has what they need… bad for him.

The pair sneak slowly across the battlefield looking for their target.. Simon’s magic helping them blend in with the humoaniods attacking the abbey. The forces of the Abbey are losing…

They finally find their mark, an Eladrin with black leather boots…

The fight they have goes but being outnumbered the paladin eventually falls but where they were going to stop and act like they were “savagely looting” the coprse for the victory while letting the other humanoids carry on.. something strange happened… the eladrin screamed, whispers of white smoke emanating from his mouth and fingertips, rising again to fight the other humanoids scared ran…

Cairn of The Winter King pt. 2
A Rod returned....

Our heroes fought and bested the apparently broke Winter King, former ally of the Prince of Frost. However upon meeting face to face with the king the word of power affecting Ran finally broke through Ran’s mental defenses… revealing a new foe that seems to know much of Ke$ah and Karl one Attolli Chestershire as well as a strange fey portal… who know what dark or wondrous places it could lead?

Our heroes escaped the tunnels partially collapsed in the cairn and Attolli seems gone for now… they rest and recover at Fallcrest not knowing that elsewhere a bastion of good falls and even now a plan is being hatched to change the world….

Cairn of The Winter King pt 1
A perilous journey

Our Heroes after rescuing Baron Harken of the Harkenwold region of the Nentir Vale headed back to Fallcrest both to get payed and to follow-up on potential Iron Circle by a named mentioned in a letter, one Armos Koth.

While traveling back to Fallcrest. our heroes noticed that the weather was getting colder, than snow
… fields and farms abandoned. Upon entering Fallcrest they noticed a group of villagers aguing over what to do. Looking to find payment for their work in breaking The Iron Circle they found the merchants shop, but it looked like it hadn’t been used in years but a letter for Silindë Linwëlen was there, thanking him for his work.

While trying to figure out what had happened, a storm grew over Fallcrest and a ship bearing an undead crew came out of the skies. Defending the villagers from the attack, they found that the ship could talk, demanding the return of the Ice Scepter of the Winter King. Working and agreement with Lord Warden Markleford they were to retrieve and return the rod in exchange for ownership and repair of the abandon shop. Once the agreement was set, finding the rod proved easy as it was in the hands of Ran Lancet, who after being confronted quickly gave up and desperate to make thing right begged our heroes for a chance to set things right. Letting her join, they boarded the ship.

The journey to the Cairn was fraught with peril, from biting winds and snow, to hail and storm… but our heroes managed to survive and the ship managed to safely arrive to the Cairn of the Winter King. Upon landing, Ran started to believe that perhaps she had not escaped the Cairn, that perhaps she was already dead… our heroes enter the Cairn…

The Fate of Gardmore Abbey pt. 2
The Revengence

He Who Walks In Shadows waits outside in the rain, outside a palatial estate… he knocked on the door but when the servant saw him… he well ran away.. considering that he was asking for this guys help and was….eccentric… that and he knew waiting outside would get that servant punished.. that would show him.

While waiting he marveled at the “gift” that Milan had bestowed on him… the reason why he is still putting up with him, doing legwork. Although honestly it is getting old. As he thinks to himself, “I mean sheesh not even wanting to even try going through Toothless, that’s just crazy there.” And that the gift while allowing him to feel the cold.. the rain, even tired.. it feels good to have them again… but it’s not complete “Not until we are done.” Milan say. He can still feel the darkness within him, that rage that he was barely able to overcome the first time. “Damn halfling.” He mutters to himself.

“Damn halflings indeed, Heuw, it has been a long time.” Says a man, finely dressed, wearing purple gloves. “I do apologize for my servants lack of courtesy, I assure you it will never happen again.”

“Oh”, says Huew, “didn’t see you there, so halflings been troubling you to huh?” as he walks inside.

“Oh certainly, raiding my grounds, freeing my servants all sorts of trouble. I hired a , quite Grulshaz Frostwolf a disfigured fellow but effective, so I’ll be back in operation in a week or two." The man says while walking down the hall leading to a meeting room.

Shutting the doors, Huew says, “You know why I’m here Simon, I need your help.. got a job to find some articles of clothing. Client says they’re full of power or something like that. Anyways there this guy at Gardmore abbey, elf or eladrin or something has it or part of it at least.”

“A quest? Stealing artifacts from those lowly elves? Well I guess if what you say is true than it’s powers should be put in the proper hands, our hands.” Simon then summons a servant bearing his rapier, “Well then shall we? And please tell me you at least know the location of this abbey.. the circle in my home is not some cheap toy you know.” Huew looks at Simon =oddly, “What? Oh sure whatever.” Leading Huew to a area under the estate he can see why, it seems to be a tree growing into an archway meticulously maintained and growing even though it shouldn’t be.. this far underground anyways.

Huew asks, “How did you?”

“Oh this,” Simon responds, “I found my servants were ferrying extra food and supplies through here. They begged for forgiveness when I found them but I was a merciful man I only decimated them and kept the rest here under close watch to manage this gateway for my benefit. Works amazingly well if you know where you want to go. So do we.” Huew pulls out a map of the Abbey, “Got this map, ol’ Toothless really knows how to pull through.”

“Excellent! Well then shall we?” Simon points to the open archway.

They go through. What they come to is a chaotic scene. The Abbey seems to be under attack…

“What the!” Huew says nearly being hit by a flying boulder, as if being thrown by something large. Seeing savage humanoids tearing apart abbey defenders. “Sigh… we’ll have to find this elf guy quick then.” Says Huew. “Agreed” says Simon, “So usual tactic then, like old times then?”

“Yeah that should work” Huew says, thankful that whatever is attacking the abbey hasn’t noticed them yet….

The Fate of Gardmore Abbey
New clothes anyone?

A man wearing a skull mask moves in the bustling city.. no one seems to pay him attention as the people move about, loading ships, hawking wares… the city is dingy but alive in a place filled with darkness the weak sun casting down trying to pierce the clouds above the city. Moving to a warehouse, he knocks and is allowed entry.

In a gravelly voice, “I delivered that note about where the rod is Milan, but if we needed it you know I could have easily gotten it.”

Milan responds, “And I told you I believe it was three or four times that we don’t need the rod, at least we don’t have the time to deal with that which awakens from the rod’s absence, besides if you have the urge to acquire items so much here.” He passes him a piece of paper that seems to have drawings of a set of leather armor, complete with cape and weapons.

The man in the skull mask looks at it, “If you needed a new set of clothes I know this guy, names Toothle-”

Milan interupts, “I do not need a new set of clothes! That is the regalia of Arak, Erlking, and we will need it less all of our efforts will be worthless. We need that outfit as you call it to make it work.”

Man in the skull mask says “Alright, alright… so any ideas where to start gathering this stuff?”

Milan responds, “Well the crown is lost between planes and is actually not needed, but I do know the location of the boots, in the possession of an Eladrin paladin at Gardmore Abbey.”

Man in the skull mask, “An abbey eh? I’m going to need some help on this one.”

Albridge is Free!
Onto the Keep!

Our brave heroes have freed a part of the Harkenwold region of Albridge facing off against Razin Redthorn and the The Iron Circle with the aid of the Wood Singer Elves, River halflings, and the aid of the Yersey Shore in the form of Brother Keystone, Sir Coors, and one known only as The Landshark as well as the citizenry of Albridge.

However, despite this victory the Iron circle still has Baron Harken hostage at Harken Keep, it will be up to our heroes to rescue him…. and get more money in the process…

Dave's End and Karl's vision
Of things to come? Or that have happened?

Dave last memory was of laughing, boasting about the luck of his companion Leif Carrot before being swarmed by things of feather and beak in a dank cave, held by Bullywugs.

Darkness comes over him floating like as if on water, memories fading of who he is, what he was… everything gone… Dying a second time does that to one, he guesses now forgetting his own name..

Suddenly visions sweep before him, of a circle made of Iron shattering before him into pieces, of a skull masked man handing an eager young half-elf a map of some kind, a tooth falling into a field, the sun getting darker before blacking out…

He hears a woman’s voice, “These things must not happen, the world and reality itself might shatter and break if these come to pass, go my champion!”

Suddenly standing, seeing a tunnel of light the sound of combat on the other side, looking down he sees two Karl’s, ancient coins from another age, another time. He wonders how old he is? Or what his name is? But he does know how to escape, how to get back. Throwing the coins towards the light it open portal so that he could escape, coming back in a dank cave where a band of heroes where fighting bullywugs…

When pressed and asked for a name, he introduced himself as Karl, the only thing he could remember at the time, besides those visions of course….

Reavers of the Harkenwold. Part 1
A quest.

Our fine heroes after some time relaxing, training and purchasing gear at the town of Fallcrest have heard that the Harkenwold region seemed to be having trouble.

After negotiating a fair agreement they set out to investigate and perhaps earn some decent coin along the way.

They came across a farm house that was being raided, already the out house was burned and destroyed as the parties wizard would find out after the battle. The managed to defeat the bandits but were confused as to who they were affiliated with either the Hooded Lantern or The Iron Circle

After discussing with the local farmer about the situation, they decide to storm the front directly… at the Harken tower, with no one else to help them….


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