The Slaying Stone

A Stranger Returns

Who is this mysterious man?

Karl, Kya, and Tch Tik set off to explore what was causing trouble near the town of Fallcrest. Apparently fae creatures were seen, raiding and disturbing caravan lanes… preventing passage of goods from the east and the lands of the Shore. Waiting for the rest of their company, who had gone to Winterhaven to investigate Gardmore Abbey, was not an option as their business interests at the Plot Point Tavern were being affected.

Setting out and following the trail of attacks they managed to find an open portal… but they felt as if someone was following them. They waited… to see if they could hide and see this person that was following them…

A merchant… one who looked in fine gear and dress but yet.. had no goods or guards with him..

“Dave!” He yelled… “I saw you come this way, where are you?”

“I saw you at the Tavern..”

Kya steps out from her hiding place while both Karl and Tch Tik sneaked to the sides.

“Who are you?” Kya asks.

“A friend, please let me explain… something has gone horribly wrong…. I… I made an error..”

“Wrong? You mean the fae?” Kya still trying to keep the focus on her.

“No.. the fae… symptom or at least it feels like it… energy is different… can’t you feel it?” The merchant responds back.

“Right… energy.” Kya says confused by the merchants words. “How do you know Dave then?”

“Oh Dave and me go way back, we explored Undermountain together… I recognized him at the Tavern but something seemed off. I can’t place it.”

At that Karl broke cover, “There is no Dave here..” he states in a thick accent…

“Oh no… it’s… worse than I thought.. things are weaving in way they aren’t supposed to.. but I can’t see were it’s as if…” and then with a realization…

“There is no time quickly please, you must trust me and follow me to my temporary Sanctum… I.. we can see things better there maybe do something to prevent this.. all of this from happening.”

“Who are you?” Kya and Karl ask…

“I’m sorry,” he takes of his hat, his features changing, “I am……..”



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