The Slaying Stone

Albridge is Free!

Onto the Keep!

Our brave heroes have freed a part of the Harkenwold region of Albridge facing off against Razin Redthorn and the The Iron Circle with the aid of the Wood Singer Elves, River halflings, and the aid of the Yersey Shore in the form of Brother Keystone, Sir Coors, and one known only as The Landshark as well as the citizenry of Albridge.

However, despite this victory the Iron circle still has Baron Harken hostage at Harken Keep, it will be up to our heroes to rescue him…. and get more money in the process…


Who had the shield with mountains on it that turned blue when it was as cool as the Rockies? I feel that the pages for these characters need to be fleshed out for posterity.

Albridge is Free!

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