The Slaying Stone

Cairn of The Winter King pt 1

A perilous journey

Our Heroes after rescuing Baron Harken of the Harkenwold region of the Nentir Vale headed back to Fallcrest both to get payed and to follow-up on potential Iron Circle by a named mentioned in a letter, one Armos Koth.

While traveling back to Fallcrest. our heroes noticed that the weather was getting colder, than snow
… fields and farms abandoned. Upon entering Fallcrest they noticed a group of villagers aguing over what to do. Looking to find payment for their work in breaking The Iron Circle they found the merchants shop, but it looked like it hadn’t been used in years but a letter for Silindë Linwëlen was there, thanking him for his work.

While trying to figure out what had happened, a storm grew over Fallcrest and a ship bearing an undead crew came out of the skies. Defending the villagers from the attack, they found that the ship could talk, demanding the return of the Ice Scepter of the Winter King. Working and agreement with Lord Warden Markleford they were to retrieve and return the rod in exchange for ownership and repair of the abandon shop. Once the agreement was set, finding the rod proved easy as it was in the hands of Ran Lancet, who after being confronted quickly gave up and desperate to make thing right begged our heroes for a chance to set things right. Letting her join, they boarded the ship.

The journey to the Cairn was fraught with peril, from biting winds and snow, to hail and storm… but our heroes managed to survive and the ship managed to safely arrive to the Cairn of the Winter King. Upon landing, Ran started to believe that perhaps she had not escaped the Cairn, that perhaps she was already dead… our heroes enter the Cairn…



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