The Slaying Stone

Dave's End and Karl's vision

Of things to come? Or that have happened?

Dave last memory was of laughing, boasting about the luck of his companion Leif Carrot before being swarmed by things of feather and beak in a dank cave, held by Bullywugs.

Darkness comes over him floating like as if on water, memories fading of who he is, what he was… everything gone… Dying a second time does that to one, he guesses now forgetting his own name..

Suddenly visions sweep before him, of a circle made of Iron shattering before him into pieces, of a skull masked man handing an eager young half-elf a map of some kind, a tooth falling into a field, the sun getting darker before blacking out…

He hears a woman’s voice, “These things must not happen, the world and reality itself might shatter and break if these come to pass, go my champion!”

Suddenly standing, seeing a tunnel of light the sound of combat on the other side, looking down he sees two Karl’s, ancient coins from another age, another time. He wonders how old he is? Or what his name is? But he does know how to escape, how to get back. Throwing the coins towards the light it open portal so that he could escape, coming back in a dank cave where a band of heroes where fighting bullywugs…

When pressed and asked for a name, he introduced himself as Karl, the only thing he could remember at the time, besides those visions of course….



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