The Slaying Stone

Madness of Gardmore Abbey

The beginning

Simon Dilisnya and He Who Walks In Shadows are at Gardmore Abbey, fire of battle rage around them.. seem a humanoid force is attacking the same time they are trying to find a piece of a legendary set of items, one once held by Arak, erlking. Apparently a paladin of Bahamut has what they need… bad for him.

The pair sneak slowly across the battlefield looking for their target.. Simon’s magic helping them blend in with the humoaniods attacking the abbey. The forces of the Abbey are losing…

They finally find their mark, an Eladrin with black leather boots…

The fight they have goes but being outnumbered the paladin eventually falls but where they were going to stop and act like they were “savagely looting” the coprse for the victory while letting the other humanoids carry on.. something strange happened… the eladrin screamed, whispers of white smoke emanating from his mouth and fingertips, rising again to fight the other humanoids scared ran…



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