The Slaying Stone

The Fate of Gardmore Abbey

New clothes anyone?

A man wearing a skull mask moves in the bustling city.. no one seems to pay him attention as the people move about, loading ships, hawking wares… the city is dingy but alive in a place filled with darkness the weak sun casting down trying to pierce the clouds above the city. Moving to a warehouse, he knocks and is allowed entry.

In a gravelly voice, “I delivered that note about where the rod is Milan, but if we needed it you know I could have easily gotten it.”

Milan responds, “And I told you I believe it was three or four times that we don’t need the rod, at least we don’t have the time to deal with that which awakens from the rod’s absence, besides if you have the urge to acquire items so much here.” He passes him a piece of paper that seems to have drawings of a set of leather armor, complete with cape and weapons.

The man in the skull mask looks at it, “If you needed a new set of clothes I know this guy, names Toothle-”

Milan interupts, “I do not need a new set of clothes! That is the regalia of Arak, Erlking, and we will need it less all of our efforts will be worthless. We need that outfit as you call it to make it work.”

Man in the skull mask says “Alright, alright… so any ideas where to start gathering this stuff?”

Milan responds, “Well the crown is lost between planes and is actually not needed, but I do know the location of the boots, in the possession of an Eladrin paladin at Gardmore Abbey.”

Man in the skull mask, “An abbey eh? I’m going to need some help on this one.”



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