The Slaying Stone

The Twisting Halls

A Crawl to start

Our heroes traveled into the goblins lair, being led by an Avenger that was traveling with Traevus when the goblins attacked his wagon and stole his box.

The Heroes making it to the cave were not expecting shrines to deities like Bahamut and Moradin with minotaur motifs nor the white dragon. They successfully negotiated with the dragon as he did not appreciate Malareth presence, feeling that the necromancer was getting ideas of being stronger than the dragon’s self. For doing the dragon the “favor” of removing Malareth, he rewarded them with a piece of armor, Darkleaf Leather armor specifically.

The heroes managed to defeat Malareth’s goblin minions and human guards, finally confronting the necromancer in his lab, defeating him and his undead with ease. The human guard, Jixin, had surrendered before the confrontation giving the party a healing potion and managed t escape.

Now all that is left is to return the box to Traevus… if they are willing too…



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