The Slaying Stone

To Slay a Slaying Stone

A riddle surely

It started with a call for help, from a Wil Wheat from the Broken Cart Adventuring Company from the town of Fallcrest.

Before arriving to Fallcrest one of our heroes Jakus had a strange dream, one in which he met a merchant Traevus and defended him from goblins, but a box was missing from his wares. Jakus in the attempt to get it back bravely fought the goblins but realized he would need help. After clearing the caves entrance he met a strange man, dressed as a merchant, who said, Strange, I thought that Silinde Linwelen had already did that. After talking to him for a time the strange merchant removed his hat and revealed who he was.

Waking up with his companions Cabe, Nyx. Reverance, and Zumot they made it into Fallcrest, going to it’s sole tavern the Plot Point Tavern, owned by Silende, and operated by Ran Lancet. There they met a strange merchant named John who was curious to know the state of Kiris Dahn. After agreeing to pay up front and naming a contact Treona our party heads off to Kiris Dahn.

On the way to Kiris Dahn they encounter some starving wolves which they manage to defeat before entering the tower of Treona who wishes for them to destory the slaying stone.



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